Roll Call

Associate Shooters, Models & Locations

There are times when I need assistance with a project, event or shoot.

Associate Shooters

As I attend more and more events each season, I am always looking for associate shooters to help at shows and for project shoots. Some projects will be paid positions while others I will provide you with copies of photos you took to add to your portfolio.

If you are interested in being an associate photogapher for me, please click below to fill in the application form.


Rider & Equine Models

With commercial shooting, there are often times that I will need models to step in and showcase the products that clients offer. Whether you would like to model and/or you have an equine (horse, pony, donkey, etc) that would make the perfect model, I would love to know about you.

Please click below to submit a Model application.


Locations & Facilities

I have many clients who would like to do their portrait photo shoots at a location away from their home barn. I also have commercial clients who want spectacular backdrops for their product shoots.

If you have a facility or location that would be perfect for photos, I would love to see. Please click below to fill in the form to apply.