Meet Our Ambassadors

We started our Ambassador program in 2015 and are proud to have some amazing young athletes as Ambassadors for our photography. They come from all different disciplines and all have a passion for horses, equine sports and the equine industry. The following are our current Ambassadors and there are more to be added in 2019.

Lucy Gilbert
Hunter & Equitation  – Trillium & A Circuit

Lucy has been riding since she was 7 years old, starting at a  summer horse camp! Since then, she has competed on the schooling, Trillium, and A circuit levels with multiple wonderful horses. She has worked as a groom, rider & camp councilor and is currently the president of the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association, and has recently adopted the Canadian Collegiate Equestrian Federation.

Lucy’s overall equestrian goal is to have fun, be safe, and make friends. Her number one goal is to keep inspiring riders younger than herself to be kind and show extreme levels of sportsmanship. Her personal equestrian goal this year is to win a neck ribbon in a derby!

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Emma Samuel
Hunter – A Circuit

Emma has been riding since 2010. She began in a small group program, and eventually convinced her parents to let her lease her 1st pony and show on the A circuit. Emma has always been surrounded by horses. Her family owns a large race horse farm and her Dad has been an equestrian his entire life, even competing at the Pan Am games.

Emma has competed in the pony hunters, low children’s and now the Children’s Hunter.  With her new horse, Impressionist, she hopes to work up to Junior Hunters and qualify for The Royal. In her spare time, she plays a variety of musical instruments and is also an active member of her school swim and tennis teams.

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Karly Snyder
Hunter – A Circuit

Karly has been riding for over 10 years and lives on a small hobby farm just outside of Orangeville where she has a large and small pony. She rode for 3 years on the Trillium circuit in the Large Pony division and competed a little bit of A’s for two years. In 2016 she competed with her own large pony, Super Mario, where she qualified for and competed at the Royal Winter Fair. In 2017 she competed the full year on the A Circuit with Dutch Boy, a large pony she leased.

Her goal this year is to compete on her new horse in the Children’s Hunters and also do more classes in the Large Pony Division. She will be attending University in the fall where she will be starting her education to become an Equine Chiropractor.

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Hailey Lynch
Hunter & Jumper – CE Trillium Circuit

Hailey grew up on a farm and has been competing her whole life. In 2017, she competed in the Children’s Hunter, Children’s Medal and B-Eq, finishing 1st at year end, on the Central East Trillium circuit.

Hailey has competed in the hunters as well as one year in dressage. This year she will start her first year in the jumpers as well as ride a green pony in the hunters on the CE Trillium circuit. She hopes to compete in the A Circuit and eventually Young Riders with her new jumper.

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Claudia Oppedisanno
Pre-Training/Training – OHTA Eventing Circuit

Claudia has only been riding for 4 years and competing for just 3 years and is already showing at the Pre-training and Training levels on the OHTA Circuit.

Claudia hopes to move up to the Preliminary division this year and has aspirations to make the NAJYRC team in 2019/20.

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Sarah Mainprize
Hunters – A Circuit; Equitation – OCEA

Sarah has been riding for 13 years, competing for 8 years and has had a passion for horses since as far back as she can remember. She started in camps and slowly convinced her parents for weekly lessons, part boarding, leasing, showing and then buying her first pony.

Sarah rides on the Ontario A circuit in the hunter divisions and on the OCEA doing the equitation divisions. She recently completed her last season in the Intermediate division on the OCEA circuit (formerly the OUEA) and has qualified to move up to the Open division.

Natalia Heinke

Jumper – 1.10m – A Circuit; OHTA Training Level; and Pony Club

Natalia has been riding horses for the past 11 years, but they have always been a part of her life! Her family owns a small horse farm, where she takes care of their own horses as well as boarders. Natalia has been competing for the past 5 years and it’s her biggest passion. She has also been a member of the Blue Mountain Pony Club for the past 9 years and is working towards her B level.

Natalia’s equestrian goals for this year are to have a successful first year in the equitation ring and continue to be competitive in the jumper ring. She wants to pass her B level test in pony club and qualify for the National Show Jumping competition through pony club.

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Ava MacCoubrey
FEI Junior Dressage Rider

AvaMacCoubrey-smAva started riding when she was 7. When she was around 10, she fell in love with dressage. She now trains with Jacqueline Brooks and rides FEI Junior Dressage. She was lucky enough to go to Wellington in 2015 and won her first CDI! This past winter was busy for Ava, working and advancing to be the 25th best Junior Dressage Rider in the world.

Ava has a passion to represent her age group. She wants kids to know that dressage is tough yes; but it is fun and challenging. When she shares her pictures with her friends, she loves that they get to see what she does. It is amazing to her and she just loves what she does.

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Leah Wellard
Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunter – A Circuit

LeahWellard-smLeah  has been addicted to horses since the young age of 5. She’s done pretty much every English discipline from eventing to dressage to jumpers and now hunters!

Last year she took a sabbatical to travel, but previously she’s shown the 1m jumpers successfully, 2nd level dressage and up to training level in eventing. She feels she has been lucky to have a lot of amazing horses, from schoolmasters to greenies, that she has competed on. 2016 will be her first year doing hunters and she is looking forward to the learning experience!

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Alyssa Smith-Avery
Jumper – 1.20/1.30m – A Circuit

IMG_2590-sm-logoAlyssa grew up on a farm where her mom is an accomplished rider & trainer herself. They hosted horse shows and summer camps which she was more than happy to help out at. Since age 5, her mom has been teaching her proper horsemanship, horse care, and people skills. They always had new horses in and out and when she became skilled enough, Alyssa would help to train them as well as teach a couple lessons. It helped her grow as a rider and really got to know the sport not to mention the hard work that goes in to it. That foundation is the reason she was able to start her own horse and give her the training she needed to get to the level she is at now. Alyssa has always enjoyed working with green horses and beginner riders as she thinks it’s amazing to watch them work together and form a bond, which is the most important part.

Alyssa started doing the small ponies at age 5 and moved onto the mediums then larges as well as competing in the equitation classes. When she out grew ponies, she progressed into the Children’s hunters, Junior hunters, and lower level jumpers. She has now moved from 1.0m to 1.25m and hopes to do the 1.30m jumpers this year and compete at The Royal in that division. She has competed and won many medal final championships as well as championships and grand championships at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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Meghan Dupont
Jumper – 1.10 – A Circuit & Trillium

IMG_7122-sm-logoMeghan has been riding since she was 4 years old. She first started competing on the Central East Trillium Circuit and when she was 11, she started doing the A Circuit. She has lived on a farm and grown up around horses her entire life.

Meghan has done hunters, moving through the different pony divisions when she was younger and then she competed in the Children’s Hunters at 3 feet for a year before moving to Jumpers. She started in the 0.9m classes, soon moved up to the 1.0m division and then on to the 1.10m division where she currently competes. She plans to move up to the 1.20m this year and hopes to compete at The Royal in that division this year.

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Morgan Gracey
Pre-Training/Junior Training – OHTA Eventing Circuit

IMG_0324-sm2-logoMorgan has grown up with horses. Her parents wanted her to become comfortable around horses because they own a farm and her mom also rides so they enrolled her in riding lessons at the age of six so that she could learn the basics of riding. She was hooked and wanted to continue riding. She began her riding at a local dressage barn and later decided she wanted to jump and that was when she changed over to a hunter jumper barn. Around the same time, her mom introduced me to foxhunting and that’s when she fell in love with galloping and discovered that Eventing was the sport for her. So she then started riding with Holly Jacks-Smither and never looked back. She loves riding with Holly and spending time with fellow students that share the same love as she do. She continues to foxhunt with her mother as well as Eventing and riding young horses around the farm.

Morgan has been competing on the OHTA circuit since 2012. Prior to eventing she did local schooling hunter and jumper shows. When her baby Appaloosa, Pride, became old enough, she began competing with him and has reached the Pre-Training level. Last year she also brought up a young New Zealand TB, Kye, and quickly advanced through the ranks finishing the year at the Junior Training level.

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Rylee Poole-Kohli
Pony Hunters – A Circuit

IMG_6489-sm-logoRylee is the youngest of our Ambassadors. She began riding in Short Stirrups in 2013 and was 3rd overall in the OHJA standing for the year. In 2014, she moved up to Small Ponies and was 2nd overall for the year. In 2015 she competed in Florida in the Children’s Pony Division during the winter circuit and then competed in the Small Ponies during the summer on the A Circuit. In 2017 she competed in the Large Pony division and finished the year at the top of the division.

Rylee may only be 13 but her passion for horses will take her far. She dreams of being on the junior equestrian team one day. She currently shows hunter but once her coach and mom let her, she can’t wait to go jumper!

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