We welcome you to visit our sales websites that contain all of our photography that is available for sale. Feel free to browse through the photos and purchase either digital files that are emailed to you instantly (horse show photos only), prints, canvas and so much more.

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2017 Horse Show Photos, Client Galleries & Event Photos,
Portraits, Products & Gift Certificates,
plus much more!

If you are looking for photos from 2016 or earlier,
please email me & I will search through my archives.


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Photo Editing

We are proud to offer editing services to fix minor problems in photos (ears forward, eyes open, etc). If you have a photo you would like to purchase on our sales website but there is something minor you would like changed first, please contact me and I will let you know if it can be done. A small fee will be applied for the time it takes to make the change.

Eyes-Mouth-before-after-sm Ear-AbbeyRdFF-before-after-sm

Please note: I will not adjust photos that change the conformation or misrepresent the horse or rider in any way.