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Along with client & show photography, I am also an independent, editorial photojournalist and am available for assignments in Atlantic Canada. My photos are also available for publications worldwide. Media Editors are welcome to contact me with your needs and rates.

Note: Most articles on this page relate to the equine industry. The rest can easily be edited to make them relate to the equine industry as well, if needed. And… I am always open to taking on other subjects if you are need for an editorial or photo essay. Feel free to ask.

Available for Publication

The following are some of my single use, non-exclusive editorials that are available for publication. Exclusive licenses are also available. These pieces are in a locked PDF format for viewing only. If you would like to publish any of these, please contact me for Word versions and accompanying photos.


Sponsorship Basics: Where to Begin
An Interview with Julie Clark

A Special Thank You to Equine & Pet Rescues
Animal Lovers Who Go Above & Beyond


Take Care of YOU Since You Can’t Visit Your Horse
Tips for Managing Your Mental Health


What Should I Have on My Equine Website?
And How Much Is It Going to Cost?

Do You Really Need A Website?

Step-by-Step: Hiring a Web Designer

Website Theft


What Should I Have on My Equine Website?
     (shorter version… 811 words)

I don’t need a website!….Do I?

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date


Open Doors by Catering to Your Clients

Image Is Everything!

Share Your Expertise: Write Articles

Tips for Responding to RFPs

New (or not so new) Ideas for the New Year

Tips to Help Keep Your Computer Clean

Keeping Clients Happy Keeps Them Coming Back

Take A Break!


Feature Your Benefits

Moving Your Home & Home-Based Business

Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money on Your Business

Tips to Help You Succeed Online

Strategic Alliances – Two Heads Are Better Than One

Coping with the Daily Stream of Interruptions

How Do You Put a Value on Your Time?


The following are some of my editorials, photos, ebooks & books that have been published. Republishing may be done if it is at least 1 year after original publication date. These pieces are in a locked PDF format for viewing only. Click the photo to see the article and click the publication name to see it published.

If you would like to publish any of my editorials, please contact me for Word versions and accompanying photos.

To publish photos in publications, on websites, or for commercial use, please visit my Portfolios or Galleries to choose a photo then contact me for publishing rights. Or, send me a request outlining what you need and I will look through my archives.



Giving Props to the Caretakers

Published in Horse Canada
April 2, 2020


Mental Health in Our Equestrian Community

Published in Plaid Horse Magazine
January 30, 2019


I have been honoured to have my photos published in some of the best equine publications and used to showcase products, services and events. If you are interested in publishing any of my photos or using them for commercial purposes, please contact me. Please note that the covers on each of these publications are not my photos. Mine are inside.