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Janice Byer Equine PhotographerPhotography has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember… it runs in my family. My dad and uncle are two photographers I admire. Their work is exceptional and I strive to be as successful as they have been. Thankfully, their talent must be in my blood as I now also have my own photography business and love what I do.

I started by making photos of just about anything. All aspects of nature have fascinated me and capturing insects, landscapes, wildlife and sunsets is extremely rewarding. I even offer them for viewing and sale at http://www.shadyridgephotography.com and http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/janice-byer.html.

However, as a horse owner and animal lover, making photographic memories of horses, dogs, cats and other pets is truly my passion. Whether it’s candid shots of our own horses and pets; portrait sessions with animals and their humans; or standing by the show ring to capture horses in action. I love it all and look forward to each and every time I get to capture a horse or pet in all their glory.

EquineWebDesign.ca screenshotAside from photography, I am also a web designer. I’ve been designing small business websites for ove 20 years specializing in websites and logo designs for those in the equine industry. I welcome you to see some of my designs on my website at http://www.equinewebdesign.ca.

Personally, I am a wife to a fellow small business owner; mother to a show hunter/jumper daughter; and owner of a small equine hobby farm. On our farm we have 3 horses, 3 dogs & 3 cats. You will see lots of pictures of them throughout this website and on my other websites.

I hope you enjoy my photography and artwork. If you would like to have photography done of your horses and pets, be sure to check out my photo shoot services and feel free to contact me.