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Stealing is ILLEGAL! Taking screenshots of photos from this website, and then posting them, IS STEALING!!! These photos are not online for you to take without purchasing. Not to mention, the photos would look SO much better without my big watermark in the centre. When people see that watermark on a posted photo, they know you stole it.


If I am informed or find that you are posting photos with my big watermark in the center, I will contact you to remove my photo from online. If you do not comply within 24 hours, I will send you an invoice for $200 per image per online post that you have it in. I will continue to send you this accrual invoice daily.

If you spot one of my images being used without credit, please let me know. It’s not fair that they think they can have free photos. Also, if you get a chance, post a comment when you see one of my photos with a big watermark in the center and say, “That photo would look so awesome without the watermark. If you purchase that photo from the HARD-WORKING photographer, you wouldn’t have that watermark!” 🙂

Oh yes, and for all those that do share stolen photos and don’t remove it when asked, I will also blacklist you from future shows… I won’t take ANY pictures of you at all.

This is my job; my work; my livlihood; and my passion! Would you work for free? Then why should I? Stealing photos from my website is like I am working for nothing and you don’t think my photos are good enough to pay for them. And, my pricing is not unreasonable!

Not to mention, would you print a screenshot of a photo with the watermark, frame it and display it in your home? No.. didn’t think so. Then why would you ‘display’ it for the whole world to see on your social media or website?

There are so many reasons! JUST DON’T STEAL!!!


Clients who purchase my photos agree to the following conditions:

1. All images on this website, including all photos that are for sale, are copyright LIFE WITH HORSES PHOTOGRAPHY. Any unauthorized use of my photos is an infringement of these copyrights.
2. Photos are for personal use only (ie. personal social media, personal websites, etc.). Photos may not be used for commercial or media purposes without written consent or without purchasing a usage license.
3. Photos may not be distributed or sold. Personal (non-commercial) sharing is permitted as long as photo credit is given to LIFE WITH HORSES PHOTOGRAPHY.
4. Photos are not to be used in connection with any illegal, pornographic, obscene, immoral or sensitive material.
5. Photos may not be used to infringe on any trademarks or trade names; violate any person’s right to privacy; defame any person; or used for any illegal purposes.
6. LIFE WITH HORSES PHOTOGRAPHY reserves the right to use any photos taken in relation to the promotions of my products and services. If a client wishes for all photos associated to their photo shoots to be kept private, a non-disclosure contract must be supplied.
7. A $150 fee will be invoiced to you if we find you using my images for commercial or media purposes (including business websites & business social media) without prior written consent. It would be cheaper to purchase a Royalty Free License for the photo.

Commercial Licensing

1. A commercial license allows you to promote sponsors or other third parties when posting on social media or including on your website, both personal and business. If your sponsor or other third party would like to share the photo, they can share it using the social media share or reposting tools and without making any changes, manipulations, or removing my logo and credit. If your sponsor or third party would like to have their own copy or if you send them a copy, they MUST purchase an additional commercial license.
2. Some photos have commercial licensing options when purchasing. If not, please contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am located in Notre Dame, New Brunswick. I primarily shoot horse shows and do photo shoots within an hour or two from my location (depending on the event).

How much do the photos cost?

You can see pricing here and also when you click on Add To Cart on each photo.

What form of payment to you accept for your photos?

My Gallery system accepts Paypal and you can also use your credit card through the Paypal website (as a guest if you don’t have an account). However, if you would prefer to send an etransfer or other form of payment, contact me to discuss options.

Can I get a deal if I purchase a whole bunch of photos?

Maybe… LOL Contact me to discuss.

Will you be at shows in New Brunswick?

That’s my plan laughing I hope to get out to some of the shows here as soon and hope to be welcomed by the Atlantic show organizers and riders.  Contact me if you would like me to come shoot at your show.

Can I request that you come take some photos of me at the next show?

Yes, you can and I will do my best to get shots of you. However, I offer a Personal Show Coverage service that will guarantee I get shots of you.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for your photos?

Yes, I offered personalized gift certificates. Read more about them here.

What shows do you shoot?

I haven’t shot any shows in New Brunswick yet as we just moved here in January 2021. While working in Ontario, I would shoot all different kinds of shows including, but not limited to, the OHJA (A Circuit), THJA (Trillium), OEA (Eventing), OCEA (collegiate), special events (Show Jump For Heart), etc.

How can I purchase the photos?

Visit my Gallery pages. You will need to register for an account. There is no cost to register. Please write down and remember your username & password as we can’t always recover your password on my system. Once you have registered, you can click on the Search feature to search by your name or you can browse the galleries. When you find the photos you want, click on Add to Cart and a price list will come up for you to choose from.

If I need something edited in a photo, can you do that?

Yes, I can do most edits. Simply contact me and let me know what photo and what you want changed in it and I will let you know if I can do it. Most edits, such as putting an ear forward, move a leg slightly, etc., cost $40 plus the cost of the photo you want to purchase. More intricate edits will cost more.

How do I receive my photos?

If you purchased digital photos, you will receive an email shortly after you purchase with a link to download your photos. If you don’t see it in your Inbox, check your junk/spam folder, it may be in there. If not, just contact me so I can look into it.

Will you come out and be our official photographer for our show?

Heck, ya! LOL Sorry… Yes, I can come be your official photographer, as long as I am not already booked. Just contact me with the details of your show and I will let you know if I, or one of my associate shooters, can make it.

Why do photos cost so much?

As a professional equine photographer, I have many years of training and expertise in capturing those perfect moments. I spend long hours at shows and then more time processing at home to create the best quality images. Not to mention the cost of the equipment that I use and keep updated. Most horse shows do not pay photographers to be at their event and in some cases will actually charge a fee to shoot. Selling my photos, which are very reasonably priced laughing, is how I make a living… it’s how I pay the bills. So the cost of my photos takes all of this into account and allows me to continue providing my services to the equestrian community and beyond. I appreciate all of you who support me and purchase photos!


The material and information on this website is owned by Life With Horses Photography and is provided “as-is” without any conditions or warranties. I endeavour to ensure the information on this website is correct and up-to-date. I may make changes to pricing or products at any time without notice.


Your privacy is very important to me. Please be assured that any information you submit on my website will not be shared with anyone else.


Life With Horses Photography, and any other party involved in creating and maintaining this website, exclude all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to you or a third party in any way or connection with this website.